Tax Planning & Preparation

Our tax services include much more than the preparation of returns. Our comprehensive approach to income tax and estate tax planning is designed to minimize the overall tax liability of a business and its owner.

An already complex tax system is complicated further every year, with Congressional revisions to the Internal Revenue Code. New laws are continually refined by court cases, regulations, and rulings. Detailed knowledge of current tax law is essential to effective planning. Strategies may include income shifting, maximizing deductions, owner compensation planning, employee benefit plans, foreign tax planning, and funding income or estate tax liabilities. The intricate process of tax planning and preparation requires highly specialized professional knowledge.

All of our partners are experienced tax advisors—well versed in the current law and how to use it to the client’s advantage. In addition, our firm maintains a separate tax department with partners specializing in reducing the burden of taxation and taking maximum advantage of the tax benefits available.